Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to enroll?

The process involves a simple application, small fee and acknowledgement of our policies.  Once your application is approved your identity will be verified in person at one of our physical information distribution points or via video communication, at your convenience.  Afterwards you will be given access to our expanding medication catalog, based on enrollment level.

How is this legally possible?
A “clinical trial” involves a series of experiences involving biomedical researchers and their human participants. Each program designs questions about innovations in medicine, and we believe that this information is essential for doctors who prescribe, patients who consumer, insurers who define and seek to analyze potential risks, and regulators who will define the rules of the playground.

Doctors receive a large degree of deference in the areas where the are expanding their knowledge. Clinical trials are the beginning of an expanding universe of comprehension based on experience, rather than either urban legend or biased marketing. These processes will help doctors, patients, insurers and regulators understand the opportunities and risks presented by certain drugs, devices, treatments or other medical applications.

Between inquiring doctors and willing test subjects, our human partners help to evaluate the opportunities that the doctors are exploring. Biomedical trials of experimental drugs, devices and treatments should be aligned in steps:
1. Having seen several dozen doctors working with new patients, we would like to now expand our research base to at least 5,000 subjects. Given the positive word-of-mouth of CBD evangelists, it’s time to generate, consolidate and analyze data.
2. We plan to expand a provenance block chain to tens of thousands of results, because we believe that a library of “big data” will aid clients, doctors, suppliers, insurers and regulators discern, follow and frequently check their experiences against the larger universe of those exploring new facets of the quality and administration of medical care.
3. Risks to the clients, decisions for the doctors and data for financial and regulatory participants will help define a better future based on data collected by professionals who wish to be known for their accountability, transparency, and professionalism.

Because of these steps, many hospitals have sought to include research universities in appropriate jurisdictions. We have made an effort to find top medical practitioners, encourage their interaction and exchange of information with a wide array o research universities, and then bring that under the legal banner of tribal risk retention groups. At least under the Departments of Insurance for the 50 states embrace new methodologies, we believe that the Tribal Nations are in the best place to furnish professional and regulatory oversight of the pioneers of our medical future.

We encourage all potential participants in this exploratory phase of homeopathic, pain management and related scientific inquires to find the ways that they can help us to help all of you.

What information is collected or stored about my participation?

Information is collected for the sole purpose of order fulfillment and product improvement.

Are these products safe?

These products are veritably the safest and highest quality available in the greater North American market.  We strive to anticipate and exceed what will eventually become FDA standards that will enable the rest of the North American market to catch up.  Every product is safety tested with lab reports published online and available to enrolled subjects.

How do I receive my products?

Your product will be delivered via our confidential pharmacy.  The law requires that all deliveries obtain recipient ID and Signature.

Will I be legally protected and able to keep my job?
Your information with us will be HIPPAA protected and confidential but we are not qualified to give legal advice specifically relating to you and your employer.
Is there a lot of paperwork involved?

Aside from the initial application we will use short surveys to inquire about your preferences and experience with our products.  This is a completely voluntary and confidential process.

Is there going to be assistance with product selection and dosing?

Decision matrices designed by our Physicians and Endocannabinoid Scientists will utilize feedback from you, our subjects, to optimize product recommendations and formulations.

How long will it take until I know the product is working?

As with most Homeopathic botanical products, everybody will have a slightly different experience.  This experience can vary from instant relief of symptoms to no change in condition whatsoever.  The idea behind developing these products is to get them to work better for more people so that hope a relief can be made available where it was not before.

Will there be any side effects during or after using these products?

We are working to create the best quality products in the world, which includes safety and side-effect minimization.  There is little known about the long-term effects of our active botanical and homeopathic components.  NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) states that short-term side effects can include: altered senses, altered sense of time, changes in mood, impaired body movement, cognitive difficulty, impaired memory, and at very high doses: hallucinations, delusions and psychosis.

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