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The intent of this study is to investigate how specific cannabinoid and terpene formulations interact with specific indications. Participants complete questionnaires with substance use history and health information concerning sleep and activity during the trial. Participation is completely voluntary and may be terminated anytime. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

We are Committed to Your Health

New opportunities for people without hope who want to try something new to address a specific indication.

If you have a condition that has not been treated by mainstream medicine, you might want to inquire about whether there are alternatives that you might want to explore. Patients can watch the results of their pathology and can get real information about formulations without giving up information about themselves.

How to get started

  1. Submit the enrollment form. This site is where you will manage your account while participating in the trial.
  2. We confirm receipt review  your application
  3. Qualified participants receive a confirmation email with your username and a link to create a password to join the research program.
  4. A clinical research professional will prescribe a formulation to address indications and will mo it or your progress throughout the trial

What to expect

  • We match you with enhanced formulary delivery systems
  • You submit formulation response questionnaires monthly
  • A clinical research professional monitors your progress during the study
  • Affordable access.
  • Ongoing indication-specific formulary development.
  • Highest product safety standards and transparency in product development.

Advanced Cannabinoid Scientific Development

Safety is the highest priority when developing products for effective homeopathic remedies of any kind. We use third-party lab testing at every stage of development from the farm to the laboratory and packaging. All lab test results will be published and available for all participants. Currently, Cannabis-based medications and delivery systems suffer from a lack of development that would enable patients access to medically viable options. We aim to address both concerns.

Better Health Care is Our Mission